Brain Boost + Stress Reduce, 60 capsules

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Lion's mane, Reishi and Turkey tail stack to enhance memory, mental acuity and creativity.

Lion's mane has been shown to repair myelin sheath.

Get back that feeling of being 'sharp', expand your attention span, get more done, get more sleep and maintain your brain. Most people who try Lion's Mane never experience it's true potential. Don't be fooled, try it in a stack and don't go back!

These three mushrooms are used for their unique abilities to deliver more oxygen from your lungs to your blood and deliver more blood to your brain. The acuity enhancing powers of Lion's Mane can be fueled by much more oxygen in a stack than without Reishi and Turkey Tail.

Brain Boost + Stress Reduce is our most popular blend by far.

All mushrooms are USDA certified organic and are grown on organic brown rice. Capsules contain only finely ground fruiting body and mycelium. Our mushrooms are steam treated to soften cell walls and activate medicinal compounds without the aid of ecologically costly commercial alcohols. A much smaller footprint with steam activation means we can feel good at every turn.